Love and Enlightenment
Spiritual Counseling, Enlightenment Work, and Twin Flame Guidance

For most people, their natural state has been held hostage since childhood. We
have learned to live according to how others want us to live, and our natural
sense of being and childlike innocence has been lost. We live in a world where
we rarely question what is put in front of us, and we accept who we are as a
product of our experiences, conditioning, and education.

Through self inquiry and by experiencing what is simply in front of us we can
begin to live a life of acceptance, peace, and joy.

It is my intention to have every human being realize that the Truth is Love.
The earliest manifestation of all life is Love itself. Our entire essence is Love
and it is possible to live a life where everywhere we look we see the Pure Love
that we actually are. This beautiful seeing ends our own personal suffering and
brings a life of action, compassion, and peace. A life where the focus is on the
well being of everyone, a life where everything is fully embraced, even if it is
painful or uncomfortable, and a life where our only interest is to heal the

It is my intention to counsel others so that they are able to realize their true
nature, live a more fulfilling life, and ultimately live a life free from suffering.
Services Include:
The Truth is Love