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Can our twin flame reject us?

During the separation period of the twin flame relationship one or both
of the twins may feel that they are being pushed away or rejected by the
other. But is this really what is happening?

The magnetism from the twin flame connection is extremely intense and
each twin will deal with this feeling of being uncomfortable by playing out
their patterns and programs that they learned early on in childhood. This
often leads one twin to pursue the other while the other twin walks away.
Both reactions are not an ideal way of dealing with feeling uncomfortable,
yet until the twins begin cleansing their past they will act out by simply
doing what is already known.

As we continue to awaken and pursue or walk away from the other less
we being to experience the connection much more deeply. Telepathy and
deeper energetic experiences between the two become more of the norm
and the other starts to feel less distant. It is at this time when we begin to
question what this feeling of rejection is truly about.

There are two possible ways to awaken to the question of whether or not
our twin can truly reject us. The first possibility is to have a direct
experience and realize that everything is connected, everything is me, and
that everyone and everything is always here. The second possibility is to feel
the pain and pull from the connection so deeply as to burn off the feeling of
rejection that was born early on in our childhoods. When we deeply
experience the pain and hurt of being abandoned, our hearts begin to open,
and the truth is able to be seen. One of the most remarkable aspects of the
twin flame relationship is how the longing to be with the other serves to
awaken both.

This truth is that our twins have never abandoned us. They have always
been here and everywhere. Watch your twin walk away from you and ask
yourself, is it even possible? Can my twin walk away from me? No matter
where he or she goes or how distant they are physically, they are always,
always in our hearts. We are completely connected in each and every
moment and nothing, not even death, can change this.

In the physical one twin may appear to walk, but they are not doing so.
They are scared and unable to know how to deal with the discomfort that
comes from the powerful magnetism, from the powerful mirror that is their
twin. The other twin is often as scared and unsure of how to deal with the

When we begin to see that our twin is always in our hearts and always has
been we can begin to see the illusion of our twin rejecting our abandoning
us. Eventually, it is impossible to ever feel rejected again.

Your twin is with you now and always. You are fully connected. If you ever
feel distant from your twin, ask your heart if they are here. Your heart
always tells the truth and you will see that they have never left you.
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