Love and Enlightenment
The Truth is Love
Inquiring into this moment

Is it possible to inquire into this moment in time, without the movement of a
“me” or observer? I ask a question, “what is the nature of fear” and instead of
basing my answer on knowledge, which is simply a record of the accumulated
past, can I open to the intelligence that is
this moment? Most often when
people ask a question that they do not have an answer to they try to muster
up an answer from the old dusty archives of the mind. Instead of immediately
looking to memory for my answer, what if I just simply sit, recognize that I do
not know the answer, and then wait for the answer to present itself to me. It
seems that if I want an answer that is true, based in reality, that it cannot be
based on what I have already learned, but must be here in this present
moment right now.

If I see the limitation of knowledge when inquiring into a question in this
moment in time, I can begin to inquire at a much deeper level. Knowledge is
very useful for many things in life, but it is not useful in inquiry and the
belief that my accumulated knowledge is who I am keeps me confined to the
past and not knowing my true nature. By seeing this limitation of knowledge,
I can begin to open to “I don’t know” and the present moment.

So I ask, “what is the nature of fear?” As I am authentic my interest is to be
honest, so I express “I don’t know”. In this not knowing, answers will quickly
come to me. By surrendering and seeing this limitation of knowledge, I will
begin to find the answers.

Sometimes the answers are not quick. Knowing the nature of thought or
desire may take some time, but by not settling for answers based in the past,
I begin to open to the divine. I begin to see reality as it is. So the first step is to
observe and see the limitations of knowledge, then I surrender to “I don’t
know” and patiently wait for the answer.
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