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Meditation - inside and outside are one

This meditation is designed to help you become more sensitive to your inner
and outer worlds so you begin to see that the inside and outside are one. Most
people are sensitive to their surroundings when chaos breaks or loud noises
occur. It is more rare to notice a subtle shift in feeling in ourselves or another.
It is equally rare to notice a small breeze touching your face or a beautiful
sound in the distance. However, as we continue to grow as spiritual beings we
become more and more sensitive all of the time. We are not only sensitive to
our own thoughts and sensations, but also sensitive to others’ experiences. It
feels as if our senses are becoming heightened and we begin to notice almost
everything with clear acuity and delicate sensitivity. By practicing the below
meditation we begin to notice our outer and inner environment. As we
practice the meditation for multiple periods we may also start to lose the
sense of inner and outer. Everything will merge into one.

To start, be in an environment where there are quite a few noises occurring.
Places with noisy birds, the movement of leaves and branches, or people
talking would all work. Finding a place with many environmental sensations,
such as heat, cold, rain, or wind, would also be helpful for this meditation.
Once you have found a place with outside stimuli close your eyes and allow
your attention to flow from one object to the next. Externally, you may notice
a bird singing and then be pulled into the sound of wind. At the same
moment, internally you may notice a peace from the birds singing as you
allow your attention to drift to your inner sensations, followed by the wind
brushing against your face. Allow your attention to flow from external to
internal. Do not control the attention, just simply notice both your inner and
outer surroundings. As you sit in this meditation longer you may notice your
attention holding on to just one object. Allow this to happen. Wherever your
attention naturally flows, allow it. As you continue to practice the meditation
more you will notice that you will focus on one object in a much shorter
period of time than when you first started. (This is a result of your mind
becoming more clear more quickly). When this happens, just continue to lay
the attention on that object, whether it is external or internal. You may start
to experience a sense of oneness with that object as you continue to meditate
and other sensations may arise. Allow everything to arise and continue to lay
your attention on that same object.

In the beginning you may need a bit more effort to keep your attention on
different, either internal or external, objects. Your mind may drift and you
may start thinking. This is OK. If this happens, you simply notice it and bring
your attention back to whatever is calling you. Another option is to simply
observe the thoughts until you feel centered enough to let your attention
flow more freely again. Either way, just allow the thoughts to be and
effortlessly drift back into the meditation.

You are doing the meditation correctly as long as you are observing whatever
is happening and allowing the attention to effortlessly flow.  In time you will
begin to merge with the objects and notice that inside and outside are one.
With this seeing you will recognize the complete wholeness of everything.
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