Love and Enlightenment
The Truth is Love
The power of "I don't know"

The three most powerful words available to someone who is seeking their
true nature is “I don’t know.” When these three words are said there is a
full negation of knowledge itself and therefore a negation of the past. Our
key to the past is knowledge and when we utter the simple words of “I
don’t know” we are choosing not to enter the world of the known and
instead, enter the world of the unknown, the present moment. It is in the
sitting of the present moment that insights arise, experiences happen,
and eventually the search for enlightenment ends. Therefore, the words
“I don’t know” are the most powerful tool for awakening.

It is not merely saying these words, as that would just be more learned
information, it is living these words. It is living a life where there is a
constant surrender to the present moment, a constant opening to
everything that is occurring, and a wisdom that sees the limitations of
knowledge itself. In enlightenment there is a constant hum, I refer to this
life energy as the “I don’t know” that allows everything to be. By
surrendering my knowledge, I open to the infinite.

If I truly inquire, I am opening to the infinite, and I think of true inquiry
as a resting in the unknown. The infinite has a hum to it and perhaps we
can refer to this hum as “I don’t know”. When I am opening to the
intelligence in this moment, I am surrendering all that has been learned
and am patiently awaiting insight and intuition to come kiss me on the
cheek. I cannot chase and create intelligence, as it is the surrender of
being where intelligence naturally awakes. By simply knowing the
limitations of knowledge and instantly surrendering, I have opened to the
intelligence that is always here. “I don’t know” is the key to this surrender.
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