Love and Enlightenment
The Truth is Love
Twin Flames Awaken us to Unconditional Love

All relationships teach us who we are and awaken us deeper into our true
nature, which is Love itself. Every encounter and every experience is an
opportunity to more deeply know ourselves and more deeply know the
whole of humanity. As human beings we have the ability to realize that
everything is connected, that there is no other, and that the underlying
element of all life itself is Love.

The Twin Flame relationship begins with a temporary awakening that
opens us to a world we never thought possible. A world without
attachment, a world where selflessness and Love were the center of all,
and a world where no separations were seen. The initial awakening let us
realize what was eventually possible in a human life. It also taught us that
Love was the center of all.

After this initial awakening and once the separation stage begins, the Love
that was initially felt can feel like a distant memory at times. It is easy to
recall the beautiful experiences, but the euphoria or awakening is gone
(at least for the moment). The ideas, concepts, and experiences that have
already occurred in our life, our consciousness, begins to take over once
again and we are again in conflict.

By realizing that thoughts and ideas are just past experiences projected
into the future and by deeply surrendering to God, we open the door to feel
this incredible Love and selflessness again. By feeling the deep pain of
rejection when our Twin walks away or separates from us, we are able to
finally release the tremendous hurt and pain we have carried with us for

As we continue to surrender to Love itself, we begin to transform. The sun
begins to come out and we begin to stretch our wings again. We are
becoming Divine Love. We start to look differently to others, we start to act
selflessly without thought, and we become the embodiment of Love itself.

We no longer Love another based on how they act or what they believe, but
simply Love to Love.  When someone hurts us, angers us, or brings us
tremendous joy, we don’t Love them more or less, we just simply Love.
Through the deep pain and sadness from our Twin Flame separating
themselves from us, we have become Love itself. Understanding
unconditional Love is not important any longer, as we naturally live, reflect,
and breathe it every moment. It is no longer a thought, but our way of being.

Our temporary awakening now has legs, is strong when the wind blows, and
is deeply rooted in helping all of humanity. Our Twin Flame has fully
awakened us to unconditional Love.
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