Love and Enlightenment
The Truth is Love
Following Your Heart

The Twin Flame relationship teaches us to fully honor and follow our hearts
each moment of our lives. We experience our Twins through our heart
chakra, we telepath via our heart chakra, and ultimately our Twins awaken
us to the reality that the ultimate truth is Love itself.

Most people spend very little time being aware of their body, experiences,
and heart. The Twin Flame connection’s constant emphasis on the heart
brings us the strong realization of how much we live following our constant
stream of thoughts and how little we live listening to our own bodies. The
rushes of Love that are felt in the later stages of the connection are constant
reminders to follow our hearts and heal our mind/body connection.

Thought is just the regurgitation of past experiences. If we identify with our
thoughts we can become confused and unsure. This is due to our heart
telling us one thing and our thoughts telling us something completely
different. The result is duality, or separation, and conflict.

By constantly focusing on our heart, we begin to more deeply listen to our
body's needs, and we begin to break the separation between our mind and
our body. By realizing the time based nature of thought, that it is simply a
projection of past experiences into the future, our minds become more still
and clear. In time, the mind and heart will break this apparent duality,
conflict will cease, and we will enter the world of “being”.

The emphasis of the Twin Flame connection on the heart allows us to more
deeply awaken to our own bodies. Eventually this connection allows us to
live a life where the heart and mind are connected, internal conflict ceases
to exist, and our actions are one-minded and pure.
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