Love and Enlightenment
The Truth is Love
What are the qualities of an enlightened being?

Each human being has their own unique display of consciousness (God),
but most enlightened beings share certain qualities. They have a sensitivity
to the experiences, sensations, feelings, and thoughts of all life forms,
including their own self. This heightened sensitivity often displays itself as
care and compassion, two of the major backbones of the natural self. As an
enlightened being sees no separations and sees everything as the Self, there
is an incredible sense of responsibility and love for all of “God’s” creations.
There is even a heightened sensitivity to inanimate objects, not just other
humans beings, animals, and plants.

Acceptance is also a quality of free beings. The only reason we have a word
such as acceptance is because most people are trying to control and do not
accept life as is. So the word acceptance is in most people’s vocabulary. If
non-acceptance did not exist, acceptance would have no meaning; an
enlightened being has no thought of acceptance or non-acceptance because
the world of duality disappears. There is just acceptance in each moment,
without the thought, “I need to accept this” or “I will benefit from accepting
this.” So a realized being does not control life and allows everything to play
as it does. This does not mean that feelings of anger, frustration, or
disapproval do not arise; it means that everything is accepted as is, including
the feelings of dissonance against the current situation.

Besides sensitivity and acceptance, another common quality is action. Life
is no longer lived by a person who had a past and will have a future, there is
just living. Now, perception and action become one. I see, I do: this is
enlightenment. Most people live a life based on their past conditioning.
They cannot see a tree as a tree, they color their experience with everything
that has already happened to them. The removal of this judgmental observer
instantly shifts one’s life to a life of clear perception and immediate action.
I clearly see what is in front of me and I act not based on my conditioning
from the past, but on the needs of the current moment. “I mirror whatever
is in front of me,” says the enlightened being.

The final quality I will share is wisdom. There is a deep seeing of how the
mind works, the disorder in society, the pain in the world, and the beauty of
creation itself. This deep seeing is married 100% with wisdom and action. As
I see the world as it is, I have the ability to act freely, and live a life of clarity
and wisdom. I am now able to help my fellow human, as well as the plants,
the animals, the clouds, and even dirt. Everything that I touch instantly heals
as the combination of deep seeing, wisdom, and action has created a God.
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