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What is depression and how do I overcome it?

Many people claim to be unhappy and believe that they suffer from
depression: but what is depression? Before knowing how to tackle this
question, we must first observe what depression is and begin to understand
it more.

If I am in a state of depression, I can observe that I do not experience what is
in front of me. Many people argue that they are depressed when they feel
sadness and don’t want to indulge in it any longer. In reality, these people are
not even feeling what is in front of them and this is the actual problem.
Depression is a state of
not feeling and not experiencing what is in front of me,
it is not a state of sadness. Any emotion (such as sadness, hurt, or anger)
dissipates when fully experienced. When I experience feelings they do not
linger. Really, a lingering unhappiness or depression is an
avoidance of
feeling, not a morose indulgence of feeling.

The knowing that the perceived experience of depression is actually an
avoiding of what is in front of me brings the next question: “what am I
avoiding?” Depression is most often an avoidance of fear, sadness, hurt, or
anger. If we look more deeply and try to understand the hidden emotions, we
have a greater chance of them arising and the chance to experience them
more fully. Once I begin to know what is underneath this state of perpetual
unhappiness, I will breathe more deeply and surrender to the experience
that is in front of me. I maintain the intention to feel and experience whatever
is currently in front of me. Even avoidance has its own flavor, so if I don’t
know what is underneath the depression I can still experience the avoidance.

Ultimately, if I allow and accept everything in front of me and fully experience
it, I will live without depression (that is, without avoidance) and live a more
peaceful and joyful life. If I experience depression now, I can begin to
understand what emotions I am avoiding, and begin to open to them. Once
feelings are experienced, the depressive state will fall away.
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