Love and Enlightenment
The Truth is Love
What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is the full realization that there is no such thing as
enlightenment. We spend our entire lives desiring either the past or the
future and miss everything that is currently here. When someone is
searching for enlightenment they ignore all of the experiences that happen
in each independent moment. Accepting the present moment ends searching,
while desiring anything other than now – wishing for the past, anticipating
the future, or wanting an alternate now – ends experience. If I experience
everything as it exists now, instead of searching for salvation or peace, I am
not allowing the mind to take hold of me and am able to experience the
perfection that this moment offers. When a being fully realizes that there is
no such thing as enlightenment, the search for enlightenment ends, and the
flowering of the true self is seen. How can there be enlightenment? There
is just now, there is no place I could ever be other than here.

Enlightenment is ultimately seen to be a fantasy, as only the false self
I want to be enlightened, I want to be free, but this “I” is just ego.
We have all dreamed greatly about enlightenment, but ultimately there is no
longer anyone here to tell the story or celebrate the awakening. The one who
wanted enlightenment was the problem to begin with. When this person fully
disappears, there is just seeing, observing, and loving. There is no longer a
seer, observer, or lover.

Finally, enlightenment cannot exist because everyone is
already free and
enlightened. Everyone and everything is pure consciousness itself. After all
a cat doesn’t wake up and wonder if it is a dog and question how to act as a
cat, a cat is a cat – it just is. When a human wakes up he or she wonders a
great deal about everything and does not simply live a life. Enlightenment is
ealizing one’s own humanness. “I am simply a human being”. So the
realization that I was always simply here, perfect, and free from the
beginning is enlightenment.
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