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The Truth is Love
What is the difference between knowledge and intelligence?

Knowledge is an accumulation of information and is the result of events
that have already happened. If we think of our minds as a container for
information, knowledge is everything that has been learned up to the
present moment. I am accessing information from the past when I am
using knowledge; therefore all knowledge is memory. As knowledge is
memory, it cannot be fresh or present and is always based in time.

Intelligence awakes when one sees and realizes the limitation of
knowledge. As knowledge is based in what has already happened it often
has little use in helping me with what is in front of me at this very
moment. Every moment is extremely unique. No matter how close two
events seem to be, all the knowledge in the world cannot serve more than
the simple intelligence that is available in each moment. Of course we
need knowledge to know how to drive cars, make ourselves a meal, and
how to dial a telephone, but if we don’t see the limitation of this
knowledge we cannot open to the intelligence that is always lurking
behind it.

Most people are living a life based on perceptions and past rooted action,
therefore insights rarely come to them. These insights are the effect of
intelligence, not the intelligence itself. The intelligence I speak of is the
root of all life, the essence of everything. The insight arises for the same
reason that my body heals without my doing, the cycle of reincarnation is
ever constant, and the cat knows to hide when danger is around the
corner. Behind insights and intuition is pure intelligence: the nature of

Simply put, knowledge is a collection of what we have already learned and
intelligence is the life energy that allows all things to be. Intelligence is
not separate from knowledge. An intelligent being is always in union with
knowledge. This free being can make the greatest use of knowledge and
at the same time freshly respond to everything that is occurring in the
given moment. When we start to see the limitations of our own
conditioning, memories, and experiences, intelligence begins to awaken
as life itself, as our true nature.

Ultimately, intelligence is the hum of “I don’t know” that is ever-present
and allowing all of life to be. Knowledge is the known, intelligence is the
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