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Enlightenment Intensive Retreats

The enlightenment intensive retreat is a three and a half day retreat that
focuses on enlightenment and self-realization. There is social silence
throughout the retreat, except when participants are in dyad with one
another or need to speak to a monitor and/or leader of the intensive.

What is a dyad?

A dyad at an intensive consists of one partner asking the other partner their
question (Who am I, What am I, What is Love, What is Another, or What is
Life) and openly listening without feedback for a five minute period. This
occurs eight times in a typical 40 minute dyad. The advantage of the listening
partner not providing any feedback is that the speaker can openly and
comfortably contemplate and answer their question without fear of being
judged or fear of not being received by their partner. Monitors and the leader
of the intensive ensure that no trip laying happens, meaning, that not only do
speaking partners have the comfort of not feeling judged, as their partner
listens openly without feedback, but the staff of the intensive ensures that
when the listening partner speaks that they do not include their partners
words and contemplation directly in their communication. This allows all
participants to feel that they are in a comfortable space and free to express
whatever arises.

Purpose of your question

Each participant will work with the leader of the intensive to find a suitable
question for them. The participants then contemplate their questions
throughout the entire intensive and communicate their contemplation in
dyads. The purpose of the question is to point our attention on just one object,
the question itself, and in so doing, gradually burn through our identifications
of who we are, what we are, what love is, what another is, or what life is. By
having such a one minded focus, conditioning and identification falls away
and leaves us in an open space where the truth can be experienced directly.
Experiencing directly who we are, what we are, what love is, what another is,
or what life is, is referred to as a direct experience and is one of the great
possible takeaways from the enlightenment intensive retreat.

Advantages of the enlightenment intensive

There are several advantages to the enlightenment intensive retreat and each
participant will grow from the intensive in different ways. First, everyone at
the retreat will benefit from a great deal of clearing work. Meaning, several of
your stories, ideas of who you are, and identification with your past
conditioning will dissolve as a direct response to the process of contemplating
your question and communicating to an open and receiving partner. You will
also gain tremendously by being in a community of like minded people who
are interested in knowing themselves as much as you are. It is common for
participants to have continued interaction after the intensive and this level of
support will allow your growth to continue to flower in the weeks and months
following the intensive. I will set up a closed Facebook group for any willing
participants after the intensive so continued connection is possible. I will also
plan a gathering will all of the participants a week after the intensive to
ensure that the community stays well connected. Finally, the enlightenment
intensive lays the groundwork for a direct experience. A direct experience of
your question (Who am I, What am I, What is Love, What is Another, or
What is Life) will have a tremendous impact on your life and lead you to
know for certain what the nature of reality actually is.

You should come to an enlightenment intensive if you are:

  • looking for deeper meaning in your life
  • looking for a venue where you can speak openly and from your heart
    without judgment
  • wanting to realize the truth of yourself
  • wanting to realize the truth of all reality
  • interested in enlightenment
  • interested in learning another path, other than meditation for example,
    to self-realization
  • interested in clearing your stories, your ideas of who you are, and your
    past conditioning
  • needing a weekend away to fully reflect on yourself
  • needing a supportive space to freely explore who you truly are

My primary interests as a leader

Often people walk away from enlightenment intensive retreats and feel lost
as to how to integrate this amazing experience into their lives. My intensive
lectures are continually aimed at how to integrate contemplation into your
lives after the intensive. Many people go to the retreat, look at it as an
isolated way of being for a few days, and then quickly resort to their
common lives. The purpose of the intensive is to provide groundwork for
living a contemplative life. A life where continued realization is possible,
even after the retreat. Eventually, the goal is to live a life where reflection,
contemplation, and meaning are with us always. One of the main goals of
my intensive is to assist people in transition out of the intensive and to help
them live a contemplative life, not for three days, but for the rest of their
time on earth.

I also have the interest that all participants feel that they are in a completely
nonjudgmental and free environment. My intention is for participants to
explore their questions freely and communicate them to their partner
without the fear of not being received or understood.

Knowing and being able to contemplate well is extremely important in
enlightenment work. My greatest strength has always been my ability to
contemplate very well and my ability to dissect another’s process so that
they can further hone their contemplation skills. Contemplation is difficult
and many people struggle with this aspect of the enlightenment intensive,
yet, it is an extremely important aspect of the process. My intensive lectures
greatly focus on contemplation and help participants to understand this
difficult, yet very necessary, tool on the path to enlightenment.

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