Love and Enlightenment
Meditation and Enlightenment Coaching


Deep inquiry is difficult for many people, but any road that is headed toward
more happiness in one's life has to involve inquiry of some form. Some
people inquire to simply have a deeper understanding of the root of their
suffering, while others use inquiry to lead them to self-realization. It is
important to inquire and question our existence, our ideas of who we are,
and the concepts that have been passed on to us since birth. For some people
this will be enough to break down their walls of fear and resistance so they
can begin experiencing what is in front of them right now. Others may need
or will choose to inquire more deeply.

In deeper inquiry you may choose to use a question such as “Who am I?” or
"What am I?” You could also just simply look more deeply into the
conditioning and patterns of yourself, others, and society, as such a
meditation allows continual realization of who I am not and also opens the
door to directly experiencing one's self, or who I truly am.

Having a deeper knowledge of why we suffer, how this suffering began, and
how this circle of suffering continues in everyday life is helpful in freeing
ourselves from the everyday patterns that lead us to such unhappiness.
Inquiring directly into the nature of thought, fear, pain, pleasure, and desire
is an advanced technique and meditation that will be extremely useful for
some people. Through inquiry we are able to have a deeper understanding of
our true nature and begin to experience what is here now.


Ultimately liberation is simply seeing everything as it is and allowing
everything to be as is. There is an incredible peace in fully accepting every
moment and in living a life without a constant pursuit of becoming someone
in the future. There is joy in a life that values living or being above all else.
Through experiencing what is in front of us now, we are truly living. Because
of our painful pasts, most of us have a tremendous amount of fear and will do
anything to not experience what is here now, whether it be pain, sadness, or
fright. This leads us to be able to understand more deeply why everyone is
always striving to become more or something else. It is not just ignorance of
the joy of being, it is a direct denial of the present moment. The search for
enlightenment is no different. It is a search for something other than here.
Simply put it is a denial of the present moment. When one begins to
experience what is in front of them in time they will be able to move through
fear, move through any blocks toward joy, and live a much more peaceful and
fulfilling life.
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