Love and Enlightenment
Spiritual Counseling

Working with Couples

When I work with couples I am interested in creating the same space that
I create for individuals. An environment full of openness, safety, and
support, as this space allows for continued exploration and an
environment where expression naturally flows.

When the couple feels that they are in a safe space they are able to have
the courage to begin exploring and opening to what is truly behind the
relationship conflict. The conflict is not driven by the thoughts and
disagreements, but by a fear of vulnerability and by a fear of being hurt.
Being in a safe space allows couples to open to this vulnerability, truly
heal themselves, and truly heal each other.

My focus is on each partner having the space to fully articulate what their
experience is, while their partner listens without judgment. Both partners
will learn to allow the other to have their full experience and will learn to
support them, even if their partner's experience is different from their own.
Giving someone the space and freedom to fully express and experience
what is in front of them is the greatest gift. When we feel heard by another,
our walls break down, we welcome vulnerability, and true healing within
ourselves and the relationship can begin.
Services Include:
The Truth is Love