Love and Enlightenment
Spiritual Counseling


This service is helpful if any of the below feel true:

  • You have not had great success with traditional psychotherapy
  • You are looking to break patterns of sabotage in your life
  • You are having troubles with friendships and or intimate relationships
  • You feel a mentor and guide can help assist you in your spiritual growth
  • You are looking for deeper meaning in your life
  • You are finding yourself  stuck and/or depressed
  • You feel lonely and separate from others

My main interest when working with others is to create an ambiance of
openness, safety, and support. This space allows for continued
exploration and an environment where expression naturally flows. It is
rarely the specific problem that make our lives so difficult, but our
perspective and how we deal with that problem that creates the distress
and suffering. Opening fully to what is in front of us and having the
space to do so is crucial for our continued growth. Ultimately, to allow
life to be as it is and not close our hearts from the experiences that are in
front of us brings us a life of great peace and joy! This is the birthright
of all beings.

As a spiritual counselor my intention is for the people I work with to
continually break down walls and the protection they have so carefully
built over all of these years. The more we open and allow ourselves to be
vulnerable, the easier it is to heal our pain and live a life of peace. By
opening ourselves more deeply we allow the true possibility of a life
filled with peace, Love, and joy.
Services Include:
The Truth is Love