Love and Enlightenment
Twin Flame Guidance

Twin Flames come into our life to teach us unconditional Love. While this is
eventually seen and realized, many Twin Flames can be stuck in the earlier
stage of separation, the so called “runner” stage, for long periods of time.
The pull to the other can be tremendously painful in the heart and the
synchronicities, ability to telepath, and inability to release the other from
our consciousness can be extremely confusing. As time progresses and
further lessons of Love are learned, the painful yearning flowers into a
beautiful heart felt Love. Thinking, hearing, and feeling your Twin Flame
results in a tremendous heart felt expansion, with an electricity and energy
that is so powerful it can become overwhelming. As we realize that our Twin
never separated from us and is here eternally and in our hearts, as we realize
that everything is Love, and as we give ourselves permission to Love in every
moment in time, an amazing wave of peace and space follow us wherever we
go. We learn to Love all life and all beings unconditionally and see the
effortless flowering of Love everywhere we walk.

Having a Twin Flame in the physical is extremely rare and is reserved for
souls who have the desire and courage to know All of Love and to serve God
in every moment at any cost. It is the fast track to enlightenment and the
lessons that are learned are extremely difficult.

When working with others in a Twin Flame relationship my main focus is for
others to see the following:

  • This is a unique relationship completely driven by the Divine
  • It is necessary to break our learned ideas of what relationship is and is not
  • The quickest path to complete peace is to open fully to the struggle and to
    embrace what is always here
  • Our Twin triggering us it is in fact a beautiful gift from the Divine
  • Our Twin always has been and always will be our greatest reflection and
  • This relationship is as much about awakening as it is about healing
  • We are not alone in this experience and we are not "crazy"
  • By embracing this calling we will fully learn unconditional Love
  • Through this connection we will become a vessel of Light, Peace, and Love

I have created several videos on YouTube related to Twin Flame experiences
and lessons. Hopefully these videos will aid you in deciding if I will be a
helpful guide for you in this journey.   
The Truth is Love
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