Love and Enlightenment
Services Include:
The Truth is Love
Quotes Relating to our True Nature

It is me that allows flowers to bloom, thoughts to arise, birds to sing,
and I AM. Without me nothing can exist.

Once you realize that you are the world and the world is you, you
become responsibility itself.

The feeling, the sensation, and the experience we refer to as Love, is
just a representation of Love. Love is is the perceiver of the
experience of Love, it is the basis from which all arises, it is the
beingness itself, the truth itself, and the essence of everything.

The best answer to every question in life is....JUST BE...but you cannot
try to be, you just simply are, perfect and whole from the beginning.

The best any teacher can do is to have you realize that they were
never needed in the first place.

Once you see no levels between yourself and all other beings, you are free.

Once you have the same care for a blade of grass as you do for your
own needs and well being, you have realized your true
have found have become Love itself!